A Review of Project Obelisk

After testing out most of the projects that the class has done, I have to say that the one that impressed me the most is Project Obelisk. The scope of the code is immense when compared to all the other projects. I don’t have much experience with Java myself, but the code looks clean and concise. The project loads in external resource to run, leading me to believe that it will be quite modifiable which a nice example of Unix design. The game works well, and is for very enjoyable too. Well, at least for the most part anyways. I do have a couple of gripes:

Firstly, it is quite awkward to have to click the left and right mouse buttons to attack. I feel that these actions should be mapped to the keyboard. Secondly, when attacking an enemy, the enemy should be pushed back a little bit. This would allow the combat to be a little more dynamic than just standing still and constantly attacking while being attacked. And finally, it would be nice if noise were somehow implemented. As I am playing the game, I am imagining that every time my sword swings, I hear Link swinging his sword.

All of those comments aside however, I am quite impressed by the fact that a full game world has been realized with collision detection, enemy AI, and very smooth rendering. Given a bit more work, this could definitely evolve into a very fun game.