Final Remarks

I’ll start off with some final project remarks.

All of the final projects seemed so tempting to test. Unfortunately with the time constraints of exam week I didn’t get to look at them all. I wanted to try to test the galaga game but unfortunately I have Ubuntu 12.04 installed so I couldn’t run it because of incompatibilities. I ended up testing the roommate expense tracker. It was pretty cool and I thought very practical. If my roommates and I didn’t have a system in place I ¬†would consider using it.

The class overall was an experience and helped me open up to new technologies. Throughout the semester I have struggled with having to learn a new operating system and everything that entails. I believe it has helped me in the long run.

Some suggestions to improve the class would be to either focus on certain subjects longer or possibly remove some subjects from the teaching. This semester we cut out some assignments because we ran out of time. Maybe the course should focus more on the assignments we did instead of rushing through them to get to the final assignments.

Another suggestion would be to make the classroom interaction more new things instead of going over old material. I feel like going over new things in class would be better than going over stuff we know already.


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