Chutes and Ladders

My group’s final project is a chutes and ladders game. To best implement the Unix design philosophy of modularity, we decided to create this on a micro-controller  Chutes and Ladders is an easy game to play that mostly everyone knows which incorporates the design philosophy of simplicity. This also easily is extendable to add extra parts to the board or new rules in the coding which implement the unix design philosophy of extensibility. I can go down the line and list some more design philosophies this project implements but I’d like to invoke the philosophy of silence.

Our group is working great together. We have split up the roles of the project that suit individuals’ strengths but we also work together so we all get a better understanding of our weaknesses. I’m looking forward to the final product and the reviews by everyone in the class on how to improve our design. And of course I’m also excited to see what other projects are in store for us to see.

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