Course Wrap Up!

I have truly enjoyed being part of this class this semester. Equity, diversity, and inclusion are areas that I have truly wanted to grow my knowledge in during my time in graduate school. Going into student affairs, I am going to be working with all different types of students from all different background and I think to be an informed just educator, we need to be intentional about learning about equity, diversity, and inclusion and adjusting our practices to align with the knowledge gained.

First off, this course helped me think more intentionally in my day-to-day life about these areas and how I can best serve students. I think as a graduate student, it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day but I think we all need to be taking intentional time to learn about these areas and see what things we can do in our own practice to make higher education a better experience for our students. This course made me stay up to date with higher education news specifically in regards to equity, diversity, and inclusion. I was checking The Chronicle daily as well as other news sources. I am happy to be back in the practice of checking daily on higher education/world news.

As well as the course helped prepare me for the job search and interviewing. It was helpful to be in a headspace of thinking and adjusting practices to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion. I was able to talk about the knowledge I had gained and ways I was adjusting my practice or ways I want to change practice in my next professional role. This class made me conceptualize how I see diversity and the work I am doing especially with having to workshop my diversity statement. I found myself drawing from that during the interview process.

Lastly, I truly enjoyed being in community with our class and being able to have  large group discussions. It was cool to be able to get insight on these areas from students that are in other graduate programs here at Virginia Tech. I appreciated the fact that everyone was really engaged in class conversations — I found it  impactful to be able to listen to other’s ideas, see and hear how views changed, and how they are working on promoting these areas in their programs/life.

Thank you everyone for an engaging and fun semester! I will miss being in class with you all!

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  1. Hi, Zellie. I agree with much of what you’ve shared. In particular when you mention having utilized the course in interviews. It’s helpful how the work on the diversity statement overlapped with job search processes. I found myself referencing ideas in my diversity statement over and over.

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