Although I have only taught in a few lectures, I have tremendously enjoyed each experience. Lecturing at a higher institution is a companion goal I have to geotechnical consulting.

Due to the limited experience I have in teaching, I am still in the early stages of developing a teaching philosophy.  Up until now, my approach has been based on my own student experiences in the classroom and from music lessons, which can be summarized in the following list of simple rules:

Learning Effectiveness

  • Summarize the material at the start and end of each lecture so students have a grasp of the big picture.
  • Explain equations and figures.
  • Explain critical or difficult concepts in a number of different ways.
  • Adjust lecture pace in response to classroom ambiance and feedback.


  • Provide alternative means to stay connected.
  • Respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner.
  • Reiterate willingness to help and answer questions.

Short lists for now. I expect these to grow and evolve as I gain more experience.

Lectures Taught

  • Static axial and lateral capacity of piles (CEE5544 Foundation Engineering II, Spring 2016)
  • Lateral active and passive earth pressures (CEE4534 Earth Pressures and Foundation Structures, Fall 2016)
  • Effect of lateral drainage, gradual loading and drains on the time rate of consolidation (CEE5544 Foundation Engineering II, Spring 2017)