A Greener Future for the University

What I’d like to see in the future is a more sustainable campus. I realize the university has already set sustainability goals targeting climate change and energy consumption (http://facilities.vt.edu/sustainability/climate-action-commitment.html), but given the¬†importance of moving towards a more sustainable future, I don’t think it’d hurt to reaffirm. The university should lead by example and is a¬†prime setting for adopting more sustainable practices.

Some specific implementations I would like to see:

  • staff training for proper waste sorting; the different waste bins are already in place, but the human implementations also have to be educated and complementary
  • reducing paper towel waste in bathrooms especially in old buildings
  • pool heating and other energy requirements fulfilled using renewable energy sources
  • building retrofits
  • greater rewards and incentives for transportation sharing to/from school
  • rooftop gardens, which reduces runoff and could be used as leisure space for students and staff