As I was browsing the ORI (Office of Research Integrity) website and the various resources it provides, I was excited to come across the website for “Office for Human Research Protections” (OHRP).  In particular, I found a tab on International research. Prior to consuming this information I was unaware that there are agencies within the U.S. that works to make sure that human subjects in a research study, who do not reside in the U.S., are offered the same level of protections as research participants locally. They offer various resources for consultation and trainings prior to taking on any research.

Additionally, they offer a six page document highlighting research standards and additional information. What I found most helpful was that they list out necessary information regarding standards and requirements by country. Most of the information is organized around four categories: Key Organizations (include those groups that issue regulations or guidelines, or serve in a national oversight role for human subjects research), Legislation (encompasses statutes, statutory instruments, and legislative decrees, as well as any pertinent constitutional provisions), Regulations (refer to instruments that are created and issued in the name of governmental administrative bodies) and Guidelines (pertain to non-binding instruments). Lastly, I believe that this website is a great resource for all researchers regardless if one is conducting research on human subjects abroad or locally.