This is the first blog I have ever written (I hope I am using the right term…and I must admit, I am slightly intimidated by the process, I do hope it gets easier with time). In reality I have had limited experiences with blogging. In some ways I have been making assumptions that blogging is just journaling but in a public forum. That is one reason why I have been so skeptical about blogs, but with that said I am up for the challenge for trying some thing new and different and that’s what learning is all about anyway.

So here is what I have gathered from the readings/ video from this week: Blogs are not as scary as you think. There is a good reason why so many people across the globe are doing it. Blogging like other social media avenues (when done in appropriate ways) connects you with other people globally. If you are intentional, you will get better at it over time (YES! There is hope), you don’t have to be afraid to have an opinion, in fact it will help you to find your voice as long as you stay open-mined, be intentional, be an active listener (How blogs changed everything) and learn to communicate through your writing (not just verbally). Additionally, it is important to know that many people (including myself) have favored ways of thinking, we continue to do what we have always done but it is never too late to try new ways to engage with others. Lastly, I understand that in academia, blogging is allowing students to be creative with their thinking and their writing and it is opening up new ways to  communicate ideas and concepts.