A few thoughts about Robert Cantwell’s Hillbilly Music Chapter

After reading chapter 2 “Hillbilly Music from Robert Cantwell’s book Bluegrass Breakdown I found some ironic, in my opinion, situations that occurred during the early years of Bluegrass. I think without the Great Depression Bluegrass would have taken longer to have been nationally broadcast. Once Bluegrass became popular with the Barn Dances and was played on the radio, radio stations along with bands began to see the possible advertising opportunities that were available to their listeners. It seems to me that Bluegrass kind of evolved with advertising by staying popular and keeping a radio audience that would have to listen to a few advertisements ¬†while enjoying the music. From what I read it seems Bluegrass has helped advertise products that are of a common place in the American household. Even to this day it is still seen. Near my home town in Berryville, VA at one of our concerts put on by the Berryville Bluegrass Series the Grascals played for us and a few times during the concert they put a few words in for Mayberry’s Finest Fish Breading, and everyone that stopped by their table got a pouch. To me I think it is great to see that Bluegrass is still supporting small businesses even in this day and age of large corporations.

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