The Beginnings of Bluegrass as I understand it.

I had the opportunity to view the documentary called High Lonesome The Story of Bluegrass Music. First of all what a great documentary, well written and put together, probably one of the best I have seen. I am supposed to define what the term “Bluegrass” is to me.  First off when I hear bluegrass music or the word bluegrass I first think Music of the Mountains. To define it I believe Bluegrass is a type of music that reflects the good and bad times of the folks of the Appalachian region by encompassing traditional sounds with the soul and emotion of it’s musicians.

My definition of Bluegrass is short and simple, but holds true to what think about bluegrass. The documentary put faces to names and songs that I have enjoyed for many years. The music’s humble beginnings as traditional songs played to connect with the locals roots and for enjoyment sprouted quite quickly into genre that was heard by many all over this vast country. From the documentary I saw a cycle of Bluegrass Music, a trend I guess, a fad. The music evolved up to the 1960’s but was still Bluegrass very connected to it’s roots. Once the the grand kids of the original Bluegrass audience of the the early 1900’s heard this unusual, soulful music called bluegrass played by the greats of the genre they became interested in it because it was new, and different to what was playing on the air waves. I saw it as a bit funny to see that their was a resurgence of Bluegrass fans in the 60’s and 70’s, and that now in the 2010’s teenage kids who’s grand parents loved Bluegrass in the 60’s now are getting it the genre more and more. It seems bluegrass seems to skip every generation and I think that is pretty interesting.

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