Re-install Ubuntu.

First of all, my first posting is pretty late. I’m so sorry.

I was using Oracle VM VirtualBox to run Ubuntu until last night. It was slow and inconvenient to use it. I could not take this anymore. Therefore, I decided to make an Ubuntu PC with my 5-years old Netbook. My netbook is the first ’Eee pc’ series, which was made by ASUS. (It really doesn’t look like netbook. Heavy and Thick)

I used the program ‘Universal USB installer’ to make bootable USB installer. After setting the boot priority configuration, I plugged in my USB. Installing Ubuntu was pretty easy. What I did was just few clicks and set my name and password for my account. The installation took 50min including update. Everything works well. One thing that I realized was I did not need to install drivers for graphic, sound and network.  Since I had used only Windows before, it was pretty interesting.


Here is the link to Universal USB installer website.


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