University Culture

April 8, 2016 was the 120th birthday of my undergraduate university — Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), because Jiao Tong means “transportation” and there is a Chinese idiom related to “4” and “8” that means “extend in all directions”.

The University has been publicizing this and almost all the big electronic screens in Shanghai are playing our promotional videos recently. All kinds of shows and programs are initiated to celebrate SJTU’s 120 birthday. Famous people such as our president and Ming Yao, who is the former NBA basketball player in Huston Rocket, is back to school and is attending SJTU to get a business degree now, even attended in a comedy to celebrate the birthday.

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We are so proud of our universities and really have a sense of belonging there. That is part of universities’ culture that I believe is really important. In the States, universities such as VT have sports culture, Greek life, Hokies T-shirts, etc. Surprisingly, in a lot of other universities worldwide, there’s no university T-shirt. Back to SJTU, we have T-shirts and hats of SJTU as well, and they are usually of good quality and not cheap. Other university cultures include the university song, the university slogan, the university badge and so on.

University culture is a good way of publicizing and improve students sense of belonging. It is an important part of university life and worth spending time and money.

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