Science Unplugged

Several weeks ago we had a communicating science workshop. Performing artists came and engaged us in a series of activities to help us improve our communicating science skills. I love these activities and do feel that they helped me to open up as well as the other future professoriate. There are a lot of things that teachers can learn from performers, especially when we do science outreach. To communicate our research to people outside of our field is a tricky task and needs performing techniques.

So I revisited the Alan Alda center for communicating science website and found this science unplugged live weekly web broadcast. This is a science show that delivers vivid and engaging presentations about scientists’ work. It even involves interactive communications between scientists and students. What is the meaning of doing research inside the ivory tower with no care for spreading the ideas and results? This science unplugged format is really a great idea.

I then searched online to see if there are other similar events about communicating science in a vivid way and found this Computer Science Unplugged website, which endeavours to talk about computer science without a computer! They are lots of activities, videos and a community that involves people who want to learn computer science in a diverse and interesting way. I love this!

Finally, another student in my pedagogy class wrote a great post on “lessons from broadway on how to create dynamic learning environments”. He even gave a list of “33 tips from established actors” that he believe, and I agree, could be used by teachers, too.

I hope we all can communicate science interestingly and effectively!

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