PFP #4: Technology Use in Classrooms


As a life-long student who learned the concept of “edutainment” in United States, I have pretty ambivalent feelings about using technology in the classrooms. I believe, as educators and current professors, we need to be mindful about the purpose of using technology in the classrooms.

I recently facilitated a conversation session at the Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy (CIDER), on the use of technology in the classrooms, in which as the educators we discussed the pros and cons, and brainstormed for ideas for a “digitally informed and productive” classrooms.

The upcoming ideas from the conversation session was similar to most of the research findings: Yes, the students do like to use technological devices in classrooms, but the effectiveness of this practice is still questionable (Bullen et al., 2008; Cuban, 2001Rutherford, 2004; Tan, 2013).

There is still a need for a comprehensive pedagogical models with regard to effective use of technology in the classrooms. Here is an iconographic on the possible ways to use social media in classrooms


social media teachers

2 thoughts on “PFP #4: Technology Use in Classrooms

  1. theoreticalmusings

    I agree with you. It does seem as if technology is often celebrated as the key to solving all of higher education’s problems without really questioning the use of technology. Technology is a tool and is thus a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.

  2. yesim Post author

    Exactly! I believe we can handle the use of technology issue, only when we learn how not to idealize (and thus fear from) it. Thanks for pointing that out!


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