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On Connected Learning Videos

Okay, I guess I get the point: There is internet, and it is all around the world. It is World Wide Web. It is ruling the world and, as everything, education system needs to be incorporated to this new artifact. But..

I was trained as a clinical psychologist in Turkey, worked in the addiction treatment field for years before deciding to pursue a teaching career, applying to a PhD program and being here. One of the major themes in my clinical practice as well as social life that perplexes me each and every time is how the touch-screen telephones, ipads or whatevers contribute to build up a senseless culture in which nothing is touchy any more. As if, the more sense-itive the technological devices become, the less sensitive the generation becomes.

Today, a student shared one of the acquainted news: A woman recorded on her phone how a deadly accident happened and how the person (who is recorded) is died. Instead of calling the police or ambulance, she just recorded it.. Okay, may be this is a bit intense. What about this:  A few days ago, I saw two young people taking pictures with a dead mole laying on the road. Not attempting to take its body from the road, not ignoring it, but laughing and taking pictures. That, hurts me. Hurts my humanity.


I guess I should admit that I have a no technology policy in my senior level class. The use of computers, mobile phones are not allowed. I do not use powerpoints and I go as-low-tech-as possible. I bring newspaper columns and allow the students to discuss on them. And contrary to the tone of back-voice at the second video, although I do not need to, I believe there is a beauty in walking two blocks away to get a newspaper. I encourage the students to draw what they experience about the topics and issues and let them talk about their experience in dyads, small groups and in large class. I ask them to know each and every classmate’s name, and to know something about each other..

My definition of connectedness is based on “real” interaction, and I am not sure whether as The humanity we are there yet.  Dr. Nelson mentioned a great point regarding the second video she shared in the class. In the video, the back-voice was mentioning about “connectedness” and (may be as a definition) showed a student sending an e-mail to an instructor-with-a-moustache, and he was writing back, and bumm: connection! I am not sure whether connectedness means communicating through e-mails, mooc’s or smileys..

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Saying all that, I just want to make sure that I am not against the use of technology, not at all. The main point I would like to make is, I am against to be used by technology, to get lost in the dreamy abundance of its resources, and to prioritize technology over humane values. I would like to state that we should incorporate the use of internet TO the education system. It should be a tool, not a world wide web that is wider than the human.


August 27, ’15