Is Connected Learning a Better Approach?

In the first lesson, Dr. Nelson has introduced the concept “connected learning’. We will discuss connected learning in the second lesson in details. After watching the video clip about connected learning, I searched on the internet and found something about connected learning before our formal discussion in class. In Wikipedia, it is defined as “a type of learning that integrates personal interest, peer relationships, and achievement in academic, civic, or career-relevant areas.” The other feature of connected learning is the use of networks and digital media.

However, is connected learning a better approach than traditional learning? Here are my thoughts. As one of classmates said in the first class, the modern technology can not necessarily provide all learners with better learning. I do admit that digital media and connected learning could be efficient in some ways. However, connected learning could also be less efficient in other aspects. Learning of basic science and abstract knowledge requires memorizing definitions, equations, and simple facts. These should not be substituted by any other teaching or learning methods. These are fundamental elements of further learning. As far as I am concerned, connection learning is not the best way to learn in these areas.

One more thing about connected learning is that it produces inequality in education. The students of less resources have less access to connected learning. Forcing these students to adopt the approach of connected learning is, actually, to reinforce this education inequality. Even for those students who have full access to connected learning, they have the right not to choose connected learning. Thus, replacing traditional learning with connected learning without giving all students the right of free choosing their own way to learning is not only inefficient but unfair.

Despite of these two main drawbacks of connected learning had in my mind, connected learning have gain an momentum in modern education. I am look forward to more about connected learning in the next class.

First Class in GEDI

This semester, I am taking GRAD 5114 Contemporary Pedagogy. I have been teaching my own lecture for two years. This will be a great chance for me to improve teaching and develop my teaching philosophy. In the first class, Dr. Nelson introduced us to this course and prepared us for the tour to being a better instructor. Looking forward to more interesting materials in the class.