Two Mission Statements

The two mission statements I found are the statements from the Ohio State University (OSU) ( and College of William & Mary (W&M) ( The main campus of OSU is located in Columbus, Ohio. It is a public research university and founded as a land-grant university in 1870. W&M is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. W&M is also a public research university, although it was privately founded in 1693.

My impression of the mission statement of OSU is that OSU emphasizes technology, innovation, and use of technology and innovation to improve human well-being. This makes OSU an open and comprehensive institution. Research constitutes a considerable part of OSU’s mission, just like other research I universities.

Although W&M is also a public school, its mission statement highlights theĀ preeminent history. W&M emphasizes undergraduate program and liberal education. It also aims to apply results of research to benefit human being. But it seems that the primary goal of W&M is to expand students’ capacity as individuals.

The two mission statements share a lot of common points, such as pursuit of knowledge, openness, collaboration, and diversity. However, as I am concerned, compared to land-grant universities, the mission statement of W&M give more credits to liberal education and undergraduate program. Because W&M is considered as one of “public ivies”, the difference between W&M and OSU may represent the difference between elite education and the idea of education that has been taken by more recent universities in U.S.. Virginia Tech is more like OSU. Both are land-grant state universities and focus on research. However, there are many things we can borrow from the mission statement of W&M. We should care what students can contribute to society after graduation as well as intellectual development of students as individuals.