Week 11: My Impression of High Education

After watched the two videos, it reminds me tall the memory about my experience in universities. Before I began my university life, I imaged a huge number of pictures about what amazing life will be like and what kind of professors and classmate I will meet, as well as what kind of acknowledge I will learn. But when I graduated I realized that all are the different.

I experienced three period times that I study in university. First of all, I study fine art in China Academy of Art, one of the best art institutes in China. Plenty of experiences of all professors have their specific understanding and variety background guide the students in the process of create. In my opinion, broaden the horizon and access acknowledge in diversity disciplines is necessary and important in undergraduate step. It will offer an exactly direction when narrow down. Therefore, after I graduated from CAA, I apply MA in curating contemporary design in Kingston University London. Due to the four years studied in CAA I realize that exhibition display is my research area. The discipline of curating and museum exhibition has a long history in London and high reputation. During I studied in London, I tried to attend the real project in museums to know how to running an exhibition as a curator. After I graduated I worked in Beijing as a curator. Two years later I think I need to back university to learn more skills to support my future works. Then I choose Tech.

Students have different requires and expects for universities in different situation. It is hard for professors to find the balance in class. Sometimes the research area of most of my classmates is not mine. Thus the aims of why we studies in graduate school are need to clear. Also communication is also important not only with professors also with students form different areas. As I understand, the goals of high education previously, may be 100 years, is offer an access for students to learn acknowledge and information. Along with the development of technic, there are a great many ways students received and learned acknowledge. So, the duties of high educations are not only a platform to show the development of social society and civilization but also promote far more behind it. Given the experience I have, the impression of high education is a place to stimulate searching and hunting what I am interested and need.

Week 10: Ethics Code In Art and Design

I have not found ethics core about art and design through this week material. Thus I search previous information to find the college art association states the standards and guidelines of ethic of discipline of art and design. These standards include six sections:

  • Artists Code of Ethics
  • Recommendations on the Safe Use of Materials and Equipment
  • Recommended Use of Copyright Notice
  • Employment of Studio Assistants
  • Exhibition and Sale of Artwork
  • Contracts for Public and Private Art Commission

Part III, IV and V are the sections I most interested in. Part III highlights the protection of the law to the original art pieces during process of creator and artists. For instant, the primary ideas and concept of artwork are unable to copyrighted. At the same time, all document including sketching, drawing, note taking, drawing are be the significant parties during the process of artwork created, which is be protect inside.

Part IV illustrates the main rules in contract about the assistant of studio. Due to the assistants are the directly to contact with the works and all documents, artists need to acknowledge how to protect their original thoughts and ideas.

Part V shows the duties between artists and museums in exhibition, which is the most important part for me. I studied curating in London before, and work in museums for almost to years in Beijing. I study in 3D modeling design and exhibits display which learn more skills to support my job for museum in future. Different museums have different rules in contract between artists and exhibition organizer. This part highlights the general duties in American, which is a great opportunist to understand the running of exhibition. For example, there are several aspect shown, duration and coverage, expenses, exhibition, commissions, sales and accounting and termination. These all above help me understand and respect the rules and protect the art pieces I created.

Week 9: Copyright Issues

I have not ever experienced copyright issues before. Each time when I use the images in my presentation, essay and exhibition I will written down the name of the image and other details, as well as where I found the image in reference. If the image from the book I also will show the number of page. It is the reason that the writing tutor highlights the copyright issues, especially for students in our major previously. (I learn curating contemporary design in London, which is focus on the exhibition display and design) Most of exhibitions I designed are retrospective exhibition about artists and designers base on the universities. The audiences of exhibitions are students. Therefore, the aims of exhibitions are educational, not commercial. I know, this is the gray area. Even the reference part includes all the details of material show in the exhibition.

Through the material this week, I just realize that the library Website illustrate the details about copyright. For instance, the information and material available to allow used. This is very essential for me to prepare for my final project. In particular, in the game design, students from creative technology are professional in 3D modeling, animation, rendering and video editing. But for the background music, it is hardly for original composition. Hence, one of the solution is to find the sounds from website which is free to download and use. Through the reading material this week I understand the important of copyright in America.

Week 8: Ideas about Final Project

Through previous 7 weeks reading and studying all the materials about plagiarism and ethics, there are several ideas appeared in my mind about the final project. As a MFA student I prefer to express the understanding and thoughts about this course through drawing. Due to the limit time I give up to display in 3D animation, I will show my concept in 2D drawing in a short story, almost like the comic book, which is easy to explain my image about final project. In other words, there are 10 to 15 pages in the comic book. But I have no idea about the name of the book. In this primary step, my design for the comic book is each page is coherence and illustrate the story basic my experience and the true life that my friends shared with me. All the stories are around the topic of plagiarism and ethics. Therefore I will demonstrate the personal opinion about ethics and show the effects when cheating and plagiarism happened in art and design discipline. All the materials I will draw in my comic book are basic on the real life. It is easily acceptable. I will also use color to highlight the theme of the book cause, in my experience, drawing with color are more attractive. At the same time, in my comic book, I will also think about the composition, frame, pace and narrative. All the previous elements will helps reader to understand twhat is the main purpose of my comic book.

Please let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions about my ideas of final project.

Week 7: Steal Like An Artist

Austin Kleon sharing his experience of creating his first book Newspaper Blackout, which is a way to highlight the words based on the newspaper and hide the words he did not want to see under the maker line. After Austin posted his works online, individuals written message to him that he steal the ideas from someone others. Therefore, Austin does a huge research that want to find out the person who owns the original idea. Then Austin found almost 200 years ago, Cabel Whitford, the original idea holder, read the newspaper cross the column which inspiring the idea finding poetry in newspaper. I do not like the words “steal” even it is truth. Celebrities admit their outstanding and effective ideas are not original, and all the ideas are inspired by the thoughts before.

pietro-perugino-marriage-of-the-virgin raffaello_-_spozalizio_-_web_gallery_of_art

There is a great example which able to support my point. As shown on the two paintings are all named “ The Marriage of Virgin”. The left one created by Pietro Perugino(1446-1523). The right one is belonging Raffaello Sanzio(1483-1520), which is the architect of High Renaissance, also, Raffaello is the student of Pietro. No one denounced Raffaello copy Pietro’s idea about the imaginiation of the wedding cause Raffaello add something new to make the art piece looks different and better. One of the most important parts is Raffaello change the angle that makes the painting looks more wide and extended. It representative the understanding of perspective view in specific era. Besides, the composition of Raffaello’s work is vivid than his master’s. Audiences are not stand in a line, some one in front and others at the back with the nature posture. Thus, Raffaello’s work build on the idea of his master’s, but, at the same time, he combine with his own ideas, thoughts, point, technical and talent which make his art works more better than before. The inspiration always comes from predecessor and what the artist and designer need to do next, definitely not copy, is to represent and combine with personal understanding and style.

Week 6: Owner of Copyright and Citation

The article “Should A Monkey Own A Copyright” debates the owner of copyright of photo which Naruto take by himself and it is also remind me that animal also have the right to own a copyright. Actually, I saw the photo and news before, but the point I focus on how Naruto, the black macaque monkey, is, and the perfect composition, great shoot focusing, as well as the fabulous smile face. I never think about the question about the copyright. Definitely Naruto owner the copyright of this photo even the camera belonging photographer David Slater. Naruto click the shutter and face the lens smiling without pressure and cooperation. As general understand, Naruto unable to present his idea and opinion clarifies through language of humanity. But this is not a reason to deprive his right.

The material of citation is necessary to read and understand. As a MFA student, in most of part of our paper are basic the fact of history of art and design then support our own concept and idea. Therefore citation is the most important common use method in writing. But, it is the most difficult part to me. How to paraphrase the meaning I received from books clarify, in former sentient structure and without grammar mistake. I think it is also a big challenge for international student. There is a huge different between English and our mother language such as thinking and present ways, narrative and logic. Given the proof writing is essential and review the paper state the opinion accurately.

Week 5: Plagiarism (section II)

The interactive video “The Lab” is the most impression part for me in the material of this week. It is provide the different situation in different roles when we faced the plagiarism, as well as shown variety choice and result in each stage. Maybe it is a little bit different than the real situation, but, in this video, it is highlight the process will be experienced when the plagiarism happened. I select the role of Kim Park, a graduate student in research Laboratory, which is same as me. Actually, it is extremely contradictory when I face the questions that Kim to meet RIO face to face and the situation to leave and stay after Kim meet RIO in person. I shrink from the effects after the truth is disclosed. However, the voice in my mind reminder me to be brave even it is mad. In particular, in my words, to accuse cheating and plagiarism of my colleague is a hard decision. But I understand this is the only and right method to protect my research and the achievement of other scholar.

The video “why student plagiarism” analyze the reasons why plagiarism happened, and also demonstrate the data collection in details, such as the ratio, the different level of student and the sections student plagiarism. It is shown that pressure and stress is one of the significant reasons. Due to the goals are too hard to reach and the bad time management, which lead to cheating and plagiarism. I understand the situation the students faced, even in the time closer to the deadline, all students fighting with papers and exam. But it is not the excuse for cheating and plagiarism. Therefore, to avoid this happened, I design a timetable at the beginning of the semester, add schedule in each section and, most important, highlight the deadline. I recognize that I am a deadline person, so in my schedule the deadline always ahead than professors marked on the syllabus. In our department, cheating and plagiarism is not common cause art and design is basic on personal idea, experience, creative, style and technical. Sometimes, it is like a personal symbol and hard to copy.

Week 4 : Facebook and Graduate Honor Code

For my previous experience for hunting job, I not only submitted CV, Cover Letter and recommendation letter, but also need to hand on portfolio and/or personal Website to support the application. But, at the first day I working for my previous company, my employer told me he check all my personal information on my social media, without any reminder before. I was totally shaken and site visibility for only my friends I accepted. I completely against and rarely tolerate that employers use social media in order to know the personality. In my opinion, I follow all requires and submit the recommendation letters to reflect more background in professional field. The news I written and shared on social media only faced my families and friends not as a tool to support job application, in other words, I prefer to separate the personal life and work.


The material this week indicates honor system including cheating, plagiarism, falsification and academic sabotage, as well as the solutions when these occurred. I heard several stories before in other majors. The most important ability for students in art and design department is idea and technical. For instance, for the studio class, when professor create an assignment on Canvas. Students will display their art works differently even the theme is the same. Sometimes it is hardly for plagiarism cause the style as the unique personal stamp. It is obviously to duplicate others works. In particular, some master artists clarify the symbol in personal style partly basis on nature. Furthermore, the points highlight on the honor system reminder me to think about plagiarism, falsification and academic sabotage. It is hard for me to restraining people’s behavior. Therefore, to remain my ideas and though, as well as to protect the process during creation and art works is the primary rules I need to follow.

Week 3: Though about Ethics in the Arts

The Standards and Guidelines announced by College Art Associate about Ethics in Arts, which is the bible for designers, and artists and the students belonging art and design department. In particular, all the standards illustrate how to protect and display the artworks for artists and designers in social world. It is important, as a student, clearly and understanding all rules will be faced in future work and how to solve and/or avoid the problems will be emerged.

Meanwhile, as an art student, I focus on how to develop and demonstrate my amazing ideas and though and ignore to protect my art works and fabulous ideas. It is dangerous. I remember, when I study in fine arts, there are 14-artworks are collected by collage without any notices. When I received the collection certificates I just realized that my works are collected. After that I never receive any information and state about all works. Even if the art pieces display in retrospective exhibition, I will not be mentioned. The statement of CAA about the ethics reminder me what I need to do in next time when I faced the same problem in future.

Given the standards shown on the part V. Exhibition and Sale of Artwork is essential for my research. This part states the important rules to how to works with art dealers and art institutions. Contract is the primary method which means laws are the basis ways to the rights reserved by the artist. The Artist-Gallery Contracts section is my most interested part cause my previous work is a curator and exhibits space designer. This section clarifies the duration and coverage, expenses, exhibitions, commissions, sales and accounting and termination in the contracts. All of them are important for both artist and museum, especial the expenses paragraph, which has shown the fees of transportation, insurance, storage, security and exhibit duration and who will cover the cost. It is relevant the budget and the operation of museum. Therefore, gallery and museums as an outstanding platform for artist to display their fantastic works to general public. At the same time, copyright is the key for artist to reserve and protect the rights of their artworks to avoid the plagiarism.

Week 2: The Purpose of the Research University

The aim of research university is to develop the students’’ ability of create, invention, analysis and visionary. In particular, higher education focuses on specific academic areas to train learners in structure of acknowledge and learning skills. It is different between the ways of study in high school and university. Students need more active in higher education and recognize the research area. The most important for student that gains from research universities is the ways of thinking and the ability of analysis and solve the problems. For instant, the projects in class not included all the problems we will faced in future, thus the experience that learned from team members and professors is how they analyze and completed each part, as well as image what I will do in the same situation.

I graduated from China Academy of Fine in Fine Art and Kingston University London in Curating Contemporary Design. After that, I work in Beijing Design Week and Architecture studio in Beijing. It is a huge gap between my experience in education and working. In other works, the aims of professor and boss are different. It frustrated for me as a new member of the company. The experience in working is a new beginning for me not matter what I have achieved in universities. After I depth thinking in working I back Research University-Virginia Tech to think about how to connect the skills I learned from class with ability I should be used in work. It is clear and aimed in the whole learning process.

The mode is different between Tech and China Academic of art, as well as in Kingston. Both in China and Britain, all students will receive the course schedule in each semester and study will students who have similar background. But, in Tech, students have right to choose classes and cooperate and learning with classmates who have different educational background and structure of acknowledge. Students have different ways of thinking that based on their background, which inspire though and new ideas. It is essential, or almost the central keys, for the development of Research University.