Reflection & Refraction

Does the Education humanize us? As the question show in Parker Palmer’s article, I also asked the same questions. Before answer this question, we need to identify what education is in 21 century. Transfer knowledge is the essential task for educator and institutions. Especially in the digital era, the various methods to transmit information and knowledge. It is a significant challenge to highlight the critical structure and promote the face-to-face communication skills. Moreover, self-learning is another aspect for students to practices. Study on campus is a short time, while learning is a whole-life project. So, in the high educational environment, it would affect the personality and habits. But hardly to modify all the students in the same.

It is general for art students drawing the same style in the facsimile task. In the primary level of drawing class, facsimile task is necessary and essential works to improve the technical ability. But, the familiar styles will not stay for a long time, after the several weeks or months (it depends personally), the diversity in styles and technicals will show in the works. For example. Lin Fengmian, a Chinese painter and is considered a pioneer of modern Chinese painting for blending Chinese and Western styles. His works below, show all the process of changes in different periods: studied in France, president of CAA, and rear lifetime.


The experience of study abroad is important for Lin Fengmian. During the 1920s, impressionism and Cubusion is the mainstream in the scholarly cycle. His artworks in that period show the familiar technical as what he learned from professors. After graduated, he perfect blend all technical he learned with his culture, which is the works he painted in the rear life.

Education is access for the learner to broaden the horizon. Diversity is the key word in 21 century. Hence, the humanize would affect the students in short period. After the working time, students will combine the background knowledge with what they learned together; then the new styles will be constructed.