The cultural and language diversity is normal in today’s high educational class. It not only an opportunity for the students to understand the various knowledge but also enrich the teaching approaches in class. While in the studio class, educational diversity is one of the small parts in the multitasking section.

As you know, there are several significant sections in the art studio class. First of all, lectures are the primary form to highlight the history of the art and design. Educator plays the role of hero to transfer the knowledge. At the same time, the participation of students in the discussion section would stimulate the new understanding and explore ways for the history.

Meanwhile, the individuals learning division is part of the class, which improve the create and practice to transfer the language that teachers emphasize to visual art. It is the most difficult steps for both students and educators. In the contemporary drawing class, Professor Travis organizes a game to highlight the critical point of composition in the drawing.  All students have a blank paper and charcoal. There are ten questions all students need to answer and drawing followed requesting. For example, Drawing a line, then drawing a rectangle, drawing a circle to overlap the rectangle, etc. From the feedback of the students after the game, they feel unseated during the process because they have no idea about what is the next task. It is the game both focus on the essential principle of composition and the quick swift form language, abstract image and action.

Besides, digital media is a contemporary method for the artists and designers in nowadays. Every new tool shapes the way we Think, as well as what we think. (Clive Thompson, 2013). Sometimes, in the class, students at least need to face two screens to follow what the teachers mention to run the program. Multi-tasking is the necessary section that in the modern art and design class. Through the teaching and training in the high education level which is more comfortable for the students set in the industry.