Role Reversal

Nowadays, educator spends increasing time focus on the academic researching than teaching. According to one of my professor’s experience, he told me only 30% of the working time using in the teaching area, which including the individual meeting and tutorial time. As all of us who have the teaching experience, the moment we are preparing the teaching materials is 3-4 times in the educated time. Even the educator shows the fantastic and well-organized handouts, some of the students reject to participation the class. It is frustrating and abhorrent. In my opinion, there are two ways to understand the reason why students would not join the class.

Is the information you mentioned that appropriate the individual study plan of students in the class? In the art and design studio class, the study plan is essential for both teachers and students. Basico on the syllabus teacher posted, students will know more details about the course and re-schedule the study plan. Due to the study plan submitted, the educator would do little changes and make sure that every student in the class would gain from the information and materials. According to Freire, the responsibility of educator not only to teach and transfer the knowledge but also to encourage students to explore and construct the experience. Especially for the art and design program, the independent study ability is more important than others. There is no exam in the design project. Thus, each level of the process will support the final grads, which the most of the students curious to know at the beginning of the semester. Every student has a different personality, some of them are good in communication, while others prefer individual projects. As a successful educator, the primary challenge is knowing and understand the student. So, I will use the rear of class as a tutorial time to talk with students about the process of the projects and answer the questions.

Besides, the “one day teacher” is a project that every student have 10-15 minutes to teach or present the personal research in class. It is an excellent opportunity for students to understand the teacher, and push them to think about how to display and show the research topic in class. The role reversal is also another challenge for both students and educator. For example, in the Motion Graphic class, every graduate student must teach at least one of the skills of After Effects in the class and make sure other students understand and well used the skills in the class. To prepare the project of “one day teacher,” students need to think about which area they want to share and how to present the concept. The student will think about how to attract the attention and the difference with others. For the teacher, it is a chance to receive new energy power and methods in teaching experience.

Everything we do well will be the past. Creation is the most critical section in teaching and learning. In other words, the information and knowledge transfer in class need to connecting contact with social issues, which would engage the student to explore the own research direction. Compared with the wholes lifetime, the study time on campus is a brief moment. It is particular to teach the student how to construct knowledge, and the ability to analyze the issues is more than others.

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