Team Diversity

Globalization is the phenomenon that appeared on nation, economy, education, culture, and society. It to enrich a civilization through a cross-cultural education environment. Especially the increasing number in the high educational institution. There are different voices towards the changes in class. Many people hold the negative attitudes towards new coming nations and culture. However, no doubtfully it will experience the culture shock, at the same time, the immigrate culture push the development of multi-cultural diversity. According to Katherine W.Philllups, the Key to understanding the positive influence of diversity is the concept of informational diversity.

It is an extraordinary experience for both educator and student to learning with individuals primary on a different language, educational background, and culture. There are various understand the issue in class through the cultural environment. For example, in class discussion, there is variety explanation based on the discipline, experience, inter-culture awareness, and knowledge. The new voice, sometimes, is the engine to explore the unfamiliar research area. The inter-cultural innovation thinking method offers various ways to explain and solve problems and improve the cultural communication.

The inter-cultural communication also happened in the class. Especially in the group work. For example, the course project named Renaissance of Dessau Bauhaus I experience when I study in London. It is a unique and initial change for me to cooperate and to learn with professor and classmates in worldwide. There are four team members and two advisors, the students from China, India, Austria, and London; the two professors are from Bauhaus University and Kingston University. There are the different background of team members, which including art history, exhibition design, fine art, and contemporary design. Hence, in the project proposal, we claim the essential ideas and concept of how to renaissance the excellent reputation of Bauhaus in the contemporary design world with different aspects relevant personal experience. Our group is the only one to display the concepts of the project in unexpected ways. It is an example for professors and students in the class that the diverse cultural communication is a positive to the development of learning, education and knowledge structure.

4 thoughts on “Team Diversity”

  1. I totally agree with you that learning with diverse individuals is a valuable experience. In this kind of group, there are so many things we can share with each other. It’s exciting to and the new voice could always bring some unexpected surprises! I really like that!

  2. This sounds fantastic. I would like to know the inner workings of this group. Do you allow observers?!

  3. Yes I agree as I’ve experienced doing better in group projects as an undergrad when my team members were different from myself-especially when we didn’t have the chance to pick our team members and were grouped randomly.

  4. I always like to join a diversified group since every group member can bring new ideas and information. This also leads us to the importance of having an inclusive campus and learning environment. But at the same time, with culture and background difference, we need to have more patience, time and space for everyone to express their ideas, though some of them may not be practical. We should discuss all the ideas with respect and kindly point out the strength and weaknesses in every ideas. In this way, we can efficiently learn from each other towards an optimized team solution.

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