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High education faces variety challenge during the 21 centery.-the digital era. There are a great many methods that student access the information, books, Ebook, the internet, forum, online course, and tutorial.  How the high educational institutes keep the state of major educational center? What the students will experience in their life time? It is the questions that educator needs to face and think about.

Studying in the classroom is the major part of this step in our learning life. As we all know at the first class in each semester, the professor always gives us the syllabus and announced the schedule of the semester. Then, students will introduce themselves, like the name, the study background, the purpose of the study. Is anyone thinking about why the professor plans to do this? Communication and cooperation are the important part in learning. Even in the studio course, these are many group works and discussion in the class. It is not a chance to sharing the thoughts and ideas, but also the ways to enhance the ability of social communication. Learning from others and studying with classmates is the essential part, which the access of learning from the virtual world would never be replaced. Moreover, the another task for the professor is how to guide the student in further research independently. There are two different reasons to select the major: to choose the major followed by the mind, or select the major depends on the salary. It is easy for the professor to instruct the first type of student. They have a clear goal and schedule. But, it is a challenge for the professor that how to lead to the second type of students in the specific research area which they are not familiar and interested in.

A group of approaches that professors would use during the process of teaching in the digital era. The lecture is not the only ways in the class. As the student in the digital media, or be a teacher in the future. The main purpose for the students in this area is to use the digital media to enrich our learning and daily life. Therefore, learning from the game is a trend that widely used in the institutes that education is the main responsibility.  For an instant, my classmate Lisa Liu graduated on May 2017, her final project “Forbidden City In The Immersive Virtual Reality World” is a VR game which presents the history of the Forbidden City. The audience not only to appreciate the historical heritage in Beijing but also learn the historical background and aesthetic information about this Empire building. Besides, outside classroom learning is the essential part in the rest of life. In other words, the ability of self-learning is be training in the school. Where to learn and how to gain the information efficiently is the big task student faced after they graduate. The Master said, “When I walk along with two others, they may serve me as my teacher I will select their good qualities and follow them, their bad qualities and avoid them.

Choose your love, love your choice



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  1. I would love to play the VR game about the Forbidden City! It sounds like a fascinating way to discover and learn about Beijing. The second image is of the poster, but what does the first image illustrate? Thank you for this post!

    1. The first photo is the School-Trip at Taubman Museum. I join the summer internship 2016, it memorized the director of Education department to guide the students wandering in the museum. It is different than the expreince learning in classroom, appreciate the artworks and know the story and history at the back.

  2. Thanks for the post. I like that you raise the point of not being able to properly guide student who aren’t passionate about the work they’re doing yet alone be interested in it.

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