Week 13: Project Update

During this week I am still working with my Comic book – “Inside Me”, which I try to express the personal understanding about his course with my major in drawing. In the past week, I finish the basic setup of the book. For instant, like the numbers of page in book, the narrative and the hero, the style of drawing, the pace the story and the simple way to present the theme clearly. This is the most important and difficult part in the process of creation. At the same time, I will declare more details about my book.

There are 24 pages in my book. The reason is there are 24 frames in a second real-time in animation. It reminds me that some time the dark thoughts flashed through our mind just in one second. Therefore, the whole story happen in 24 frames and the most essential point is I will illustrate the story, as well as the pace of the storyline in the total number of pages.

This is one of the pages in my comic book.fullsizerender

In next week, I will finish the drawing. Fortunately I have already finished 1/3 part of the book. Hopefully I available finished before next Friday. I also think about the comic book is only use ink technical or add some color.

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