Week 12: Personal Ethos

The Golden Rule” as a border line to reminder us never cross the reminder line. It is the basic line. There are more details and deep in social life and personal disciplines. Due to the different disciplines we belonging, some of the rules we are not familiar with. As the incident happened in Virginia Tech shown on the material of this week. Normally there is not a exam in design department, but we enable to imagine the scene in creative drawing class like that: The tutor illustrate the theme of new project is Egg. After whole week working, students present their drawing works with different personal ideas, may be an ostrich, sun, ball, baby and Da Vinci. This is the result when students works individually, may be they are inspired by the previous works, but they combine all together.

I believe everyone has individual Golden Rule in mind. It likes an alarm to reminder personally never cross the line. I have no idea about how it works in other disciplines. But in art and design area, cheating and copy are easy to recognize. The ability of creation is the most important part fro artists and designers during the process of create. Image and color are the most popular ways to present ideas and concepts. At the same time, visual is the essential and impressive way in memory. Thus, when we found some art works are familiar with, which means that it is appeared in previous experience. Given the original creation of artworks is the basic rules for the artists and designers.

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