Week 11: My Impression of High Education

After watched the two videos, it reminds me tall the memory about my experience in universities. Before I began my university life, I imaged a huge number of pictures about what amazing life will be like and what kind of professors and classmate I will meet, as well as what kind of acknowledge I will learn. But when I graduated I realized that all are the different.

I experienced three period times that I study in university. First of all, I study fine art in China Academy of Art, one of the best art institutes in China. Plenty of experiences of all professors have their specific understanding and variety background guide the students in the process of create. In my opinion, broaden the horizon and access acknowledge in diversity disciplines is necessary and important in undergraduate step. It will offer an exactly direction when narrow down. Therefore, after I graduated from CAA, I apply MA in curating contemporary design in Kingston University London. Due to the four years studied in CAA I realize that exhibition display is my research area. The discipline of curating and museum exhibition has a long history in London and high reputation. During I studied in London, I tried to attend the real project in museums to know how to running an exhibition as a curator. After I graduated I worked in Beijing as a curator. Two years later I think I need to back university to learn more skills to support my future works. Then I choose Tech.

Students have different requires and expects for universities in different situation. It is hard for professors to find the balance in class. Sometimes the research area of most of my classmates is not mine. Thus the aims of why we studies in graduate school are need to clear. Also communication is also important not only with professors also with students form different areas. As I understand, the goals of high education previously, may be 100 years, is offer an access for students to learn acknowledge and information. Along with the development of technic, there are a great many ways students received and learned acknowledge. So, the duties of high educations are not only a platform to show the development of social society and civilization but also promote far more behind it. Given the experience I have, the impression of high education is a place to stimulate searching and hunting what I am interested and need.

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