Week 10: Ethics Code In Art and Design

I have not found ethics core about art and design through this week material. Thus I search previous information to find the college art association states the standards and guidelines of ethic of discipline of art and design. These standards include six sections:

  • Artists Code of Ethics
  • Recommendations on the Safe Use of Materials and Equipment
  • Recommended Use of Copyright Notice
  • Employment of Studio Assistants
  • Exhibition and Sale of Artwork
  • Contracts for Public and Private Art Commission

Part III, IV and V are the sections I most interested in. Part III highlights the protection of the law to the original art pieces during process of creator and artists. For instant, the primary ideas and concept of artwork are unable to copyrighted. At the same time, all document including sketching, drawing, note taking, drawing are be the significant parties during the process of artwork created, which is be protect inside.

Part IV illustrates the main rules in contract about the assistant of studio. Due to the assistants are the directly to contact with the works and all documents, artists need to acknowledge how to protect their original thoughts and ideas.

Part V shows the duties between artists and museums in exhibition, which is the most important part for me. I studied curating in London before, and work in museums for almost to years in Beijing. I study in 3D modeling design and exhibits display which learn more skills to support my job for museum in future. Different museums have different rules in contract between artists and exhibition organizer. This part highlights the general duties in American, which is a great opportunist to understand the running of exhibition. For example, there are several aspect shown, duration and coverage, expenses, exhibition, commissions, sales and accounting and termination. These all above help me understand and respect the rules and protect the art pieces I created.

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