Week 9: Copyright Issues

I have not ever experienced copyright issues before. Each time when I use the images in my presentation, essay and exhibition I will written down the name of the image and other details, as well as where I found the image in reference. If the image from the book I also will show the number of page. It is the reason that the writing tutor highlights the copyright issues, especially for students in our major previously. (I learn curating contemporary design in London, which is focus on the exhibition display and design) Most of exhibitions I designed are retrospective exhibition about artists and designers base on the universities. The audiences of exhibitions are students. Therefore, the aims of exhibitions are educational, not commercial. I know, this is the gray area. Even the reference part includes all the details of material show in the exhibition.

Through the material this week, I just realize that the library Website illustrate the details about copyright. For instance, the information and material available to allow used. This is very essential for me to prepare for my final project. In particular, in the game design, students from creative technology are professional in 3D modeling, animation, rendering and video editing. But for the background music, it is hardly for original composition. Hence, one of the solution is to find the sounds from website which is free to download and use. Through the reading material this week I understand the important of copyright in America.

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