Week 8: Ideas about Final Project

Through previous 7 weeks reading and studying all the materials about plagiarism and ethics, there are several ideas appeared in my mind about the final project. As a MFA student I prefer to express the understanding and thoughts about this course through drawing. Due to the limit time I give up to display in 3D animation, I will show my concept in 2D drawing in a short story, almost like the comic book, which is easy to explain my image about final project. In other words, there are 10 to 15 pages in the comic book. But I have no idea about the name of the book. In this primary step, my design for the comic book is each page is coherence and illustrate the story basic my experience and the true life that my friends shared with me. All the stories are around the topic of plagiarism and ethics. Therefore I will demonstrate the personal opinion about ethics and show the effects when cheating and plagiarism happened in art and design discipline. All the materials I will draw in my comic book are basic on the real life. It is easily acceptable. I will also use color to highlight the theme of the book cause, in my experience, drawing with color are more attractive. At the same time, in my comic book, I will also think about the composition, frame, pace and narrative. All the previous elements will helps reader to understand twhat is the main purpose of my comic book.

Please let me know if you have any ideas and suggestions about my ideas of final project.

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