Week 7: Steal Like An Artist

Austin Kleon sharing his experience of creating his first book Newspaper Blackout, which is a way to highlight the words based on the newspaper and hide the words he did not want to see under the maker line. After Austin posted his works online, individuals written message to him that he steal the ideas from someone others. Therefore, Austin does a huge research that want to find out the person who owns the original idea. Then Austin found almost 200 years ago, Cabel Whitford, the original idea holder, read the newspaper cross the column which inspiring the idea finding poetry in newspaper. I do not like the words “steal” even it is truth. Celebrities admit their outstanding and effective ideas are not original, and all the ideas are inspired by the thoughts before.

pietro-perugino-marriage-of-the-virgin raffaello_-_spozalizio_-_web_gallery_of_art

There is a great example which able to support my point. As shown on the two paintings are all named “ The Marriage of Virgin”. The left one created by Pietro Perugino(1446-1523). The right one is belonging Raffaello Sanzio(1483-1520), which is the architect of High Renaissance, also, Raffaello is the student of Pietro. No one denounced Raffaello copy Pietro’s idea about the imaginiation of the wedding cause Raffaello add something new to make the art piece looks different and better. One of the most important parts is Raffaello change the angle that makes the painting looks more wide and extended. It representative the understanding of perspective view in specific era. Besides, the composition of Raffaello’s work is vivid than his master’s. Audiences are not stand in a line, some one in front and others at the back with the nature posture. Thus, Raffaello’s work build on the idea of his master’s, but, at the same time, he combine with his own ideas, thoughts, point, technical and talent which make his art works more better than before. The inspiration always comes from predecessor and what the artist and designer need to do next, definitely not copy, is to represent and combine with personal understanding and style.

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