Week 6: Owner of Copyright and Citation

The article “Should A Monkey Own A Copyright” debates the owner of copyright of photo which Naruto take by himself and it is also remind me that animal also have the right to own a copyright. Actually, I saw the photo and news before, but the point I focus on how Naruto, the black macaque monkey, is, and the perfect composition, great shoot focusing, as well as the fabulous smile face. I never think about the question about the copyright. Definitely Naruto owner the copyright of this photo even the camera belonging photographer David Slater. Naruto click the shutter and face the lens smiling without pressure and cooperation. As general understand, Naruto unable to present his idea and opinion clarifies through language of humanity. But this is not a reason to deprive his right.

The material of citation is necessary to read and understand. As a MFA student, in most of part of our paper are basic the fact of history of art and design then support our own concept and idea. Therefore citation is the most important common use method in writing. But, it is the most difficult part to me. How to paraphrase the meaning I received from books clarify, in former sentient structure and without grammar mistake. I think it is also a big challenge for international student. There is a huge different between English and our mother language such as thinking and present ways, narrative and logic. Given the proof writing is essential and review the paper state the opinion accurately.

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