Week 4 : Facebook and Graduate Honor Code

For my previous experience for hunting job, I not only submitted CV, Cover Letter and recommendation letter, but also need to hand on portfolio and/or personal Website to support the application. But, at the first day I working for my previous company, my employer told me he check all my personal information on my social media, without any reminder before. I was totally shaken and site visibility for only my friends I accepted. I completely against and rarely tolerate that employers use social media in order to know the personality. In my opinion, I follow all requires and submit the recommendation letters to reflect more background in professional field. The news I written and shared on social media only faced my families and friends not as a tool to support job application, in other words, I prefer to separate the personal life and work.


The material this week indicates honor system including cheating, plagiarism, falsification and academic sabotage, as well as the solutions when these occurred. I heard several stories before in other majors. The most important ability for students in art and design department is idea and technical. For instance, for the studio class, when professor create an assignment on Canvas. Students will display their art works differently even the theme is the same. Sometimes it is hardly for plagiarism cause the style as the unique personal stamp. It is obviously to duplicate others works. In particular, some master artists clarify the symbol in personal style partly basis on nature. Furthermore, the points highlight on the honor system reminder me to think about plagiarism, falsification and academic sabotage. It is hard for me to restraining people’s behavior. Therefore, to remain my ideas and though, as well as to protect the process during creation and art works is the primary rules I need to follow.

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