Week 1: Introductions

Hi everyone, my name is Yang, a second year master student in Creative Technology. I graduated from China Academy of Art in major of fine arts 2010, and then I studied in London Kingston University in MA Curating Contemporary Design. After that, I back to China and work in Beijing as a curator and program manager in almost two years. Trough cooperates and communicates with talent artists and designers in my working experience, I am interested in the digital arts and attempt to combine smart digital method in exhibits space design and display. Therefore I quit my job and back to university.

My primary impressions of the Virginia Tech: Principles of Community is egalitarian and statement freely. University life is the rehearsal for the upcoming social life. Therefore, how to communicate and cooperate with all classmates and friends who come from variety educational background, have different nationality, race, religion and ways of thinking is the most important challenge. The experience not only highlights the personal ability in teamwork but also to construct the social network to access the lasting information in relevant areas. Tech as a platform for all students to practice how to solve the problems we will be face in the future.

I totally agree the point in the video “We affirm the value of human diversity” which indicate the essential role of confidence. As a student and/or researcher, we should express the personal opinions with 100% + confidence in each time to let all the audience believe it is necessary for future. The positive attitude is important to stimulate the exploration in future.