Final Project Wrap up

So for getting my team’s project tested, the Fantasy Football App needed some tweaking. Either it needed a team member there to login and authenticate, or we would have to give out one of our team mate’s passwords. I ended up finding a way to modify it so that it would look through your local directory instead of online, given that you’ve downloaded a hardcoded tar file with htmls files inside. Fortunately, I didn’t take too long to finish, and now there are two versions of code; one where users can use a hardcoded set of files, another where the user can login and display their own set of fantasy football teams.

It was also interesting looking through other peoples projects, and in that respect, it was also interesting working as a group on the project overall. You get a different view of how one might implement things, and sometimes can end up dealing with obfuscated code, or being pleasantly enlightened by an efficient solution derived by a team member. As for the future classes of 2524, I highly recommend doing final group projects again, on the whole, I enjoyed working on the project and I think I would prefer it to a final exam

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