The Big Idea: Freedom

I’d love to get some community feedback on a potential submission for “The Big Idea”, which the College Council announced recently as an opportunity for community input. Something I care deeply about is freedom. ┬áMost recently that love for freedom has been expressed through my work with various anti-trafficking groups, as well as my own work with AboliShop and the Challenge Slavery community. What I think is beautiful about using “Freedom” as our Big Idea, is that not only is it not limited to a particular field if we only focus on human trafficking in the present day, but it also can be contorted to talk about morality and justice, humanitarian duty, responsibility, and rights, opens plenty of doors historically to talk about the trans-atlantic slave trade, and plenty of doors creatively to talk about freedom of expression. I’ll certainly be ironing out details and consulting community members for the next few weeks prior to actually submitting this as a possible big idea, but I’d love to hear from the HRC about what “Freedom” as a Big Idea could look like. What are your thoughts?

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