Potentially my last HRC blog post (as a resident almost definitely)

…and it’s been a good journey. I’m still not sure how I feel about blogging as a medium, but it’s grown on me over the past two years. Certainly the blogging initiative seems valuable to me so long as some direction is provided, because it can provide me with deadlines, something I really appreciate.

But where is it headed next? I think that the primary gap in the HRC blogging community at the moment is in its interactivity. Whether the burden is on the platform or on the students (or some combination), there needs to be a push for more interaction amongst authors and readers. My comment section is a veritable desert, and I’ve seen blogs much more entertaining or helpful or wise than mine that are faced with similar issues. Having comments in response to your work reinforces that you ought to keep writing, validates the things you say, and revises the discussion in interesting directions. What can we do to bring more of that in to play?

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