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After reading the first few chapters if Jody Shipka’s A Composition Made Whole, I found a few things that resonated with my own experiences in school. While it seems that the book is directed to relate to those who teach or are studying english or communication, as a graphic design major, a lot of these points not only explained where my area of study comes into play but also made me feel a little better about being able to get a job when I graduate…

In years past, before modern technology, not glasses and light switches but computers and big printers and such, very little emphasis was placed on the visual world and the impact it had on society. Now that we have so many digital editing programs and types of media in which to communicate through, the world is becoming increasingly more visual. Whether its making a graphic video or including a jingle on a commercial, different mediums are being used more and more often to communicate. We send e-cards or skype videos instead of letters. We watch TV shows instead of reading books. It makes sense for students to be exposed to these things.

The question is do they belong in an english composition class? Absolutely. The world is changing around us, we have to keep up. However the writing skills used to write essays and printed linear text is also important, a skill that I don’t have. I could design a poster that would give you more information than a 5 page essay on the same topic. Both are important.

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