Ending… Telepathically

In the world of Kimon, a fictional world created by Simak in his story Immigrant, the inhabitants of the planet were highly evolved, telepathic individuals.  In a sense, the population was enlightened.  By communicating telepathically, they connected with each other and everyone around them in ways humans cannot fathom.  This connection resulted in an incredible capacity for empathy, compassion, and honesty.  Any text on enlightenment would describe enlightenment as such.

In the story, select humans were allowed to come and pursue job opportunities.  Of course, being an enlightened species, the model of communication and understanding differed so greatly that few humans were able to comprehend it.  While most characters in the story settled in their old models, one did not, and upon intense introspection, found himself invited to learn the new model.

So, how does this relate to anything?  To the internet?  To agriculture?  To evolution?

We, humans, will evolve.  We will evolve our technology.  We will evolve our culture.  We will evolve our model.  While we may or may not develop innate telepathic capabilities, it doesn’t matter, because we already have in our existence telepathic tools.  The Internet.  At our fingertips, we have almost infinite information, almost infinite possibilities for global communication- and much less of a reason “not to know.”  Technology is still external of us, and may always stay that way, which (currently) excuses our ignorance, but the model will change.  The model will state that technology is an integral component of your life, and if you do not adapt, you do not survive.  We will become telepathic in our own way.  You will drive by a farm and know what that farm entails.  You will know your neighbors.  You will know your world.  You will know, and because you know, you cannot be ignorant.  You cannot live in denial.

Evolved technology, the widespread adoption of the Internet, will expedite our capacity for telepathy.  We will become Kimon.  We will become enlightened.  We will learn to experience all things with a “simultaneous awareness of a complex group of causes and effects.”  We cannot imagine what this will do to us.

To always be on.

To be enlightened.

To see things as they are, for what they are.

Compassionate.  Empathetic.

Where would we go?

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