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Cyberspace As The Wild West

“It was clear that we were not in control,” Morningstar and Farmer concluded.  Their Habitat was a wild-land.  It was lawless.  It was completely free.  In other words, it was, on some level, the last frontier. For us, the Internet … Continue reading

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Why are you so surprised when you get a bad teacher?

Most commencement speeches will bombard its graduates with empty phases like “you are the future.”  Virginia Tech tells you to “invent the future.”  We hear them, we read them, and it passes as a “banal platitude”, to borrow David Foster … Continue reading

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“Boy, that rabbit hole sure is deep.”

It hit me yesterday afternoon.  McCloud asked a very simple question about whether time had to be linear- “But is that necessary?”  And he provided the answer, so obvious that I missed it, so in my face that I failed … Continue reading

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A Cartoon of Our Thoughts


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Comics Are Instinctual

I think that everyone responds to comics in much of the same way- we enjoy them.  Kids (well, the ones I grew up with) were particularly fond of them.  Adults, on the other hand, have “grown out” of them, or … Continue reading

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