Gyro Dice

Problem Statement

How can a game accessory be made to better help players receive a random number in a game?

Sketch Ideation

I started out with thinking about different kinds of dice and then explored other forms of finding random numbers including wheels, dials, tops, dynamos, coins, and squeeze bags.

Physical Modeling

I decided that I wanted to focus on the motions of toss and turn. I began making dice and tops out of wood and clay. I then 3D modeled some multi-sided dreidels and 3D printed them. One of them had 20 sides! I then went back to the idea of an oddly shaped die which I had played with in sketches. I was inspired by the ancient game of knucklebones. I started carving a cube of wood with a dremel and began working with the shape that can be seen on the right. I found that this shape could be thrown like a die and also spun like a top. I made several different versions in different sizes and in different types of wood before settling on a final size and material. Each time a varied the form slightly to get the best possible spin and roll.

Gyro Dice

The final product is a game for two players. Each player gets two dice of the same color. To start a round, the first player calls out a number from 1 to 6 and at the same time spins one of the dice with the white dot facing up. Before the die stops spinning, the same player rolls the other die as many rimes as needed until it lands on the number they called out or until the die stops spinning. If the rolled die lands on the number the player called out before the die stops spinning, the opponent gets the amount of points that the spun die ends on. If the first player does not roll the called number in time, they get the points. The other player goes in the same manner, completing round 1. Whoever gets to 20 points or above at the end of a round loses. If both players have over 20 points at the end of a round, the player with the most points loses.

I am very satisfied with the result of this project and am happy how it transformed from just making a random number generator to an actual game. I was surprised with how many forms could be thought of to find a solution to the problem. I think there is further ideation possible for random number generators with some of the ideas from the sketches I made.

Gyro Dice are fun to play around with and have an interesting form that makes people want to pick them up and examine them. I think its possible to go further with the form and make it more intuitive to spin as it requires some practice at first. Different game variations are definitely possible in the future as well as different packaging methods.