First Year Design

5These projects were completed during my first year of design studio.

Object Autopsy

Our first project was to take apart an object, document all of its parts with drawings, then assemble all of the drawings into one final image. We worked in a group to draw all the pieces.

Pool Ball Holder

This project had two stages to it. The first stage was to design a structure that held a pool ball 6 inches off the ground. The second stage involved making a structure that held the pool ball 2 feet high with the pool ball intersecting the edge of the table. For my first structure I used basswood sticks. For my second structure I decided to use steel wire that I soldered together.

Alter the Human Skin

This project involved creating a fictional scenario set in the future. We had to design an alteration or addition to the human body to fit our scenario. My scenario involved the Earth being polluted so much that the air is no longer fit to breathe. I designed two apparatuses to act as air filtration devices.

Naef Toy Competition

This was a competition to design a toy to be produced by the Swiss toy company, Naef. The toy I designed is called Triumbra. It is made of 18 diamond shaped blocks of three different types of wood with magnets embedded in the edges. They can be arranged in several ways to create the illusion of depth.


This was our final project for the year that we did as a class. We made multiple wooden frames ranging from 2 feet to 12 feet tall and covered them in tent fabric. They were placed on a hill with the shortest ones higher up and the tallest ones lower down so that the tops of the frames were level with each other. They are held in place with rebar at the base of each leg and 4 guy lines coming from the top of each frame. They have motion-activated lights on the inside so that they light up at night.