The Time Coke Tried Out a Variable Price Vending Machine

Airline and train tickets change prices all the time. Food and drinks are more expensive at stadiums. Doesn’t it make sense that Coca Cola vending machines should be allowed to have variable prices too? In 1999, Coke floated the idea that they were looking to release a variable priced Coke machine that raised the price of a bottle of coke on a hot day. It’s supply and demand, only fair, right? Apparently not according to consumers.

Once it got out that Coke was planning this, thousands of people took to online chatrooms and newspapers to voice their displeasure at the idea. It seemed Coke had struck a nerve, was nothing sacred? I personally don’t like the idea of a variable price vending machine simply because I wouldn’t want to pay more but I don’t see anything ethically wrong with it. This event happened in 1999, and I’m wondering if Coca Cola has thought about doing something similar since. What do you think about Coke machines raising prices to meet a higher demand?

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