Spaceships Inspired by Kitchen Utensils

A while ago on reddit I came across some concept art done by Eric Geusz, a freelance artist and software engineer. Geusz took common kitchen utensils and turned them into spaceships and the results are phenomenal!

I think this really goes to show that designers and artists can take inspiration from anywhere. Every one of those spaceships looks like it could be in Star Wars. In fact, there’s long been a story that the famous Millennium Falcon from Star Wars was inspired by a hamburger with a bite taken out of it and an olive pinned to the side. While this is likely just a myth, after seeing the work of Eric Geusz, it doesn’t seem too far fetched!

Logo Design Has Changed

I recently read an interesting article titled Is the Static Logo Dead? that talks about the current state of logo design. The gist of the article is that a single logo is no longer enough for a company since content is now presented on so many different mediums and platforms.

Logos further to the left can be displayed larger, while logos on the right are for smaller applications.

The article writes that essential to a logo’s design is a vector drawing of the logo. This way it can be scaled to any size. Further down, the author describes how its important to have a range of sizes for a logo, as shown in the picture above, so that it can be printed huge on a billboard, or placed on a small flyer. The author calls this a Dynamic Logo.

Logos with animations are becoming common for websites and apps. These are usually made with high quality gifs. Animations help add a little more interest to the design, making it more memorable for the consumer.

To keep all these logos straight, the author suggests the use of a logo system. A logo system is a framework for logo variation. It is meant to keep logos consistent but also dynamic.

The author concludes that the static logo is dead, but logos are still as important as ever. Having a logo system is essential to a companies brand recognition and overall success.

If you’re interested in this topic, read the original article from Design Shack.