Seied Ali Safiabadi Tali published the first review paper from our group in Nanophotonics, “Multiresonant plasmonics with spatial mode overlap: overview and outlook.” Congratulations, Ali!

Elieser Mejia won the competitive NIST Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (NIST-SURF) Award. Many congratulations, Eli!

Wei Zhou gave an invited talk in CML Symposium at Harvard University. Title: “Multiresonant Plasmonic Nanophotonics for Nano-Bio Interface”.

Wei Zhou won the competitive Defense University Research Instrumentation Program (DURIP) award. With the support from the prestigious DURIP grant, Zhou group will establish and develop multimodal optical-electrical nano-bio interface system (MOENBIS) for biomedical studies in in vitro and in vivo biological models.

Junyeob Song and Wonil Nam published the research paper in Adv. Mat. Tech., “Scalable High‐Performance Nanolaminated SERS Substrates Based on Multistack Vertically Oriented Plasmonic Nanogaps.” Congratulations, Junyeob and Nam!

Wei Zhou gave an invited LAMMP/BME Seminar lecture in Beckman Laser Institute at University of California, Irvine. Title: “From Nanoelectronics to Nanophotonics: Toward Integrated Bio-Nanosystems”.

Dr. Ning Gao joined us as a visiting scholar from Harvard University. Ning received her PhD degree in Analytical Chemistry. Welcome aboard, Ning!

Wei Zhou gave an invited talk in 2018 Ryan Fellows Reunion Symposium at Northwestern University. Title: “Multiresonant Nanoplasmonics by Out-of-plane Engineering”.

Wei Zhou received a grant from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). With the NIST support, Zhou group will design and explore novel  luminescent nanoplasmonic transducers.

Meitong Nie joined us from Tianjin University. Meitong received her B.M.E. degree and M.E degree both in Optoelectronic Technology Science from there. Welcome aboard, Meitong!

Yuming Zhao joined us from Tsinghua University. Yuming received his B.S. degree in Physics from there. Welcome aboard, Yuming!

Seied Ali Safiabadi Tali passed the Qualification Exam for his PhD study. Many congratulations!

Romain Debroux defended his M.S. and will pursue his PhD study in Physics Department at University of Cambridge. Congratulations!

Ana Lopez Marcano defended her M.S. and will join Intel. Congratulations!

Junyeob Song published the first research paper from our group in Nano Lett., “Multiresonant Composite Optical Nanoantennas by Out-of-plane Plasmonic Engineering.” Many congratulations, Junyeob!

Wei gave an invited talk in Korean Institute of Science and Techology (KIST). Title: “Nanowire Nano-Bioelectronics Devices and Systems”

Wei gave an invited talk in 2018 Korean Physical Society (KPS) Spring meeting. Title: “Multiresonant Nanoplasmonics”

Romain won the award of Gates Cambridge Scholarship. Gates Cambridge Scholarships are one of the most prestigious international scholarships available: over 5000 international applicants applied, and 57 outstanding students were selected to receive this award after interview. Romain is the first Gates Cambridge Scholar from Virginia Tech. Many congratulations, Romain!

Wei gave an invited talk in ECE department at University of Delaware. Title: “Multiresonant Optical Nanocavities by Multilayered Plasmonic Engineering”

Wei became a Visiting Fellow in  Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology (CNST) at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is working with Dr. Henri Lezec and Dr. Amit Agrawal on active nanophotonics devices and systems for advanced optical metrology at nanoscale.

Wei won Air Force Young Investigator Research Program (YIP) award. With the prestigious AFOSR YIP support, Zhou group will design and explore novel Nano-Optoelectrodes Enabled Multimodal Optical-Electrical Interface inside Cells.

Wonil Nam joined us from Pusan National University. Nam received his B.S. degree in Electronics Engineering. Welcome aboard, Nam!

Ana Lopez Marcano joined us and is co-advised by Prof. Xiaoting Jia. Ana received her B.S. degree in 2016. Welcome aboard, Ana!

Monisha defended his M.S. and will join Intel. Congratulations!

Romain won 2017 Paul E. Torgersen Graduate Student Research Excellence Award in College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. Congratulations!

Wei presented an oral talk at 2017 OSA CLEO conference, San Jose, California.

Wei presented an invited talk at 2017 SPIE Photonics West conference, San Francisco, California.

Congratulations for the new review paper published on Reports on Progress in Physics : “Advances in Nanowire Bioelectronics”.

Romain Debroux joined us from Virginia Tech. Romain received his B.S. degree in 2016. Welcome aboard, Romain!

Wei gave a talk to the Roanoke County gifted middle school students during their visit to VT sponsored by CEED office.

Seied Ali Safiabadi Tali joined us from University of Tehran. Ali received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering and M.S. degree in Electronics Engineering from there. Welcome aboard, Ali!

Congratulations for the new paper published on Nature Nanotechnology: “Three-dimensional Mapping and Regulation of Action Potential Propagation in Nanoelectronics Innervated Tissues”. June 27th, 2016

Prof. Yuebin Li joined us as a visiting scholar from Hubei University. Yuebin received his Ph.D. degree in MSE from Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech. University . Welcome, Yuebin!

Monisha Gnanachandra Daniel joined us from Ashok Leyland Ltd. Monisha received her B.S. degree from Anna University in 2012. Welcome aboard, Monisha!

Wei gave an invited talk for MSE Seminars at Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Virginia Tech.

Wei gave an invited talk for Condensed Matter Seminars at Department of Physics, Virginia Tech.

Junyeob Song joined us from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Junyeob received his M.S. degree in Optical Engineering from there. Welcome aboard, Junyeob!

Dr. Wei Zhou joined the Bradley Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech.

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