Things that have happened in the past two weeks

1. As previously mentioned, I passed my prospectus defense. Yay!

2. I got a wisdom tooth pulled. Not so much yay.

3. I messed up my neck, which left me incapacitated for a few days and in need of a trip to a chiropractor. Definitely not yay.

4. I came down with some sort of stomach bug that left me incapacitated for the part of spring break that I didn’t spend tending to my messed up neck. The least yay of them all.

5. I learned – again – that the universe sometimes claims takes its dues, and I should just let it have what it wants. And that’s ok. Sometimes I just need to be forced to stop for a few days, even if I don’t like it. Back to yay again (after a time).

6. I started watching Community. Have you guys seen that show? It’s pretty great! Yay yay yay!

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