Weirding Language

There’s a Calvin and Hobbes strip in which Calvin talks about the ever-evolving state of language. Words are constantly retooled and adapted to fit different rhetorical circumstances. While Hobbes worries that this could eventually cause a break down in our understanding of one another, I side firmly with Calvin.

I love verbing words.

I love when language gets weirded. Neologisms are wonderful tools that we have at our disposal that help us create and name the world around us. Heck, even the word “neologism” is a wonderful thing!

As a writing teacher, I want my students to play with language. I want them to analyze all the many literacies and languages they have available to the them, and I want them to learn how and when best to use these literacies.

Dr. C. tells us that blogging is a space in which we can say interesting things in front of other people. A space to narrate our work, a window into cognition, a place to make connections as a learner and the life we’re living. A way to keep things off balance.

So, in that spirit, I hope to use this space as a way to escape the tyranny of the squiggly red and green lines that Microsoft Word insists on inserting into my documents. I’m not afraid of you, Christmas-colored squiggles! And I want my students to feel free of you, too.

So let’s weird some words.

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