Can water spread COVID-19?

Can water spread COVID-19?

As to the current situation of wide spread COVID-19, I have a question that if the COVID-19 can survive in water and spread through water to people.

I looked into some information trying to find out the results. Based on the CDC and EPA findings, there is not evidence that the COVID-19 can spread through our water supply system.

However, in some untreated wastewater, they have found the COVID-19. Even though we may not directly contact the untreated wastewater, we still need to be careful regarding the current situation.

As to the swimming pool, CDC says that if the pool is properly maintained, there shouldn’t have COVID-19 since the swimming pool will be checked frequently for the pH and chlorine levels. However, we still need try to avoid going to the crowded public swimming pools without any protection because COVID-19 could spread from people to people by air.


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