Congratulations to Shuai Luo won the first place in poster competition in WaterJAM Norfolk, VA

Congratulations to Shuai Luo, PhD student of Water INTERface and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, has won the first place in poster competition in the Wastewater category of WaterJAM (the Joint Annual Meeting of the Virginia Section American Water Works Association and the Virginia Water Environment Association) held at Norfolk, VA from Sep 11-14th, 2017. Shuai’s research is about “Perspective on Integrated Photo-bioelectrochemical System for Bioenergy Production from Wastewater Treatment“. WaterJAM is the largest water/wastewater conference in the State of Virginia, and Shuai received $1,000 prize for his outstanding research achievement!


Water pollution is a serious problem for human life, and the convention aeration tank with activated sludge to treat the wastewater consumes massive energy due to strong aeration requirement. Integration of algae and cyanobacteria with microbial fuel cell bioelectrochemical systems (BES) can construct an innovative system called integrated photo-bioelectrochemical system (IPB), for the energy recovery (electricity and biofuel production from algal biomass) and nutrient remediation to achieve sustainable wastewater treatment. This poster would show the IPB characteristics, the system optimization by the mathematical model, the working mechanism of phototrophic and heterotrophic algal-microbial community and the operating condition control on IPB, and finally the IPB performance at pilot scale (> 40 L) to treat the real municipal wastewater in Virginia Tech.

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