Bet you didn’t know that we had a World Water Day? Back in 1993, the United Nations General Assembly chose March 22nd as World Water Day and it has been celebrated ever since. Its purpose is to highlight and promote the importance of freshwater and its sustainability. This year’s focus is “Water Cooperation” which is interdisciplinary at its roots, tying in “cultural, educational and scientific factors, as well as religious, ethical, social, political, legal, institutional and economic dimensions…” to cooperatively seek impartial access to freshwater for the 780 million people currently without it.

Past initiatives include: Water and Culture, Water for Development, and Water for Health – Taking Charge. You can check out the celebrations of World Water Day live at the UN – Water site (right now!!!).

Go to your tap, fill ‘er up, and realize how fortunate we are to have access to freshwater on-demand.

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