Not getting enough water isn’t only a US problem.

Preliminary findings from the United Kingdom Fluid Intake Study show that some Europeans are not drinking enough water, similar to what has been seen here in the US.

Registered dietitian Dr. Joan Gandy reported these findings in Nutrition Today’s recently released supplement.

In the UK, 25% of adult women and 35% of adult men are not drinking enough water. Only about 60% of kids and adolescents (<18 years of age) meet the Adequate Intake for water set by the European Food Safety Authority. What’s alarming is that UK kids are drinking similar amounts of sugary beverages as US children and adolescents. Hopefully, this research can help the UK thwart the obesity burst we’ve seen here in the US, potentially improving quality of life or maybe even saving lives.

What’s your take on the beverage intake patterns of other countries? Do you think that America has an influence on them? Do you think its our marketing of these beverages that can impact what beverages other countries gravitate towards?

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One thought on “Not getting enough water isn’t only a US problem.

  1. That’s a great point and I agree. I sometimes wonder if the policies that are put into effect cause more harm then good. Meaning, do they cause people to “rebel” and choose the food or beverage that is regulated just because it is regulated?

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